Arabic for artichoke

alcachofa 13-3-13 Artichoke plants have one thing in common with courgette plants. One plant can yield enough fruit to feed a family. Our alcachofa plants are looking disgustingly healthy at the moment, the broad spiky silver leaves worthy of a place in a cottage garden border. And we have our first baby fruit.

Here in the campo, they are planted in a practical line in full sun. Many of our neighbours’ houses here have front gardens full of roses and artichokes, only roses and artichokes. But they are not flowering quite yet.

[photo: Wikipedia]

[photo: Wikipedia]

Like all Spanish words beginning with ‘al’ the word alcachofa is derived from Arabic. The Spanish love them, Spain is the third largest producers of artichokes in the world.

Here we pick them small and tender and throw them into revueltos [scrambled eggs] or into a Granada vegetable stew with newly-picked habas [broad beans]. If the beans are small enough, we don’t even bother to pod them but simply chop them into one-inch chunks and add them whole to the stew.



5 to remember
la alcachofa – the artichoke
el calabacín – the courgette
las habas – the broad beans
sano/a – healthy
la planta – the plant

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2 thoughts on “Arabic for artichoke

  1. Ella Wilson (@Ella_TP)

    An enduring thorn from the Mediterranean district, the artichoke was developed by the Greeks and Romans and is thought to have its roots in northern Africa. In spite of the fact that an apparently improbable hopeful as a result of its thorny disposition it can be a flavorful organization at lunch or much supper so far as that is concerned.



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