Bare and beautiful

walnut tree1 13-3-13
There’s something beautiful about the bare branches of a majestic walnut tree.
walnut tree2 13-3-13
We have many here. The tallest is 100ft tall and spreads almost as far. It dominates everything else around it, nothing will grow beneath its shade. In the spring we pick the green soft nuts to bottle as pickled walnuts, in the summer we crack the nuts and eat in salads and in pasta sauces.
walnut tree3 13-3-13
Now it is bare. A skeleton.
walnut tree4 13-3-13
The walnut trees are the last to open their leaves in the spring but we don’t mind because their branches, covered with yellow lichen, somehow complete the scenery.

5 to remember
el nuez – the walnut
hermoso/a – beautiful
desnudo/a – bare
majestuoso/a – majestic
alto/a – tall

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