At a bend in the Thyme Track, on the right-hand-side, there is a cliff of hard-packed earth. In it is a succession of holes.
hole - badger 15-3-13The largest is 10 inches wide and has a pile of loose earth underneath, proof of a resident. This, we think, may belong to a badger though it is three foot or so above ground level. No identifiable footprints though.holes - bee-eater 15-3-13Nearby is a series of smaller holes which we at first thought may be home to sand martins, but which we now think may be bee-eater nests. Last summer we watched bee-eaters through our binoculars, nesting in similar holes in a sandy bank on the opposite side of the valley. Bee-eaters are regular visitors here, arriving generally at the end of March and staying until late August.

Listen to the song of the bee-eater here.

5 to remember
el hoyo – the hole in ground
el camino – the track
a la derecha – to the right-hand side
el tejón – the badger
la tierra suelta – the loose earth

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