A burrowing bunny

Last year, a rabbit dug his burrow in the rough land beside the big depósito, the 25,000 litre water tank into which water is gravity-fed from our spring. It sits a little downhill from the swimming pool in a previously quiet area of the hillside.

[photo: Wikipedia]

[photo: Wikipedia]

Today however a new burrow has appeared in the middle of the gravel footpath, probably because the location of his old burrow has been transformed with a new stone wall and a honeysuckle border. I hope we don’t frighten him away. The most we have seen so far are the tips of his ears poking out, and the sight of his bottom disappearing down the track.

European rabbit [photo: Wikipedia]

European rabbit [photo: Wikipedia]

5 to remember
el conejo – rabbit
el depósito – water tank
la pared – wall
el sendero – footpath
la grava – gravel

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