Knobbly new buds

The branches of the plum tree on the terrace are knobbly with new buds, just about to break open with a line of new blossom. The leaves follow after the plump white balls of blossom. And then we wait, checking every few days, for the forming of the tiny buds of fruit. We have only one old tree from which we can crop plums at the moment, the new trees we planted in our ‘orchard’ have a lot of growing to do yet.
spring buds on tree
The March jobs continue outside. P has been busy planting higo de mar [also called Hottentot Fig or Ice Plant] on the steep slope outside the kitchen window. This is the most difficult part of the slope to keep clear of weeds, in parts bare rockface and mostly inaccessible. We have considered abseiling down it in order to clear the weeds. We are hoping the higo will stifle weeds and help stabilize the soil, which in the dry of summer turns to dust. It also looks beautiful when it spreads down a slope, flowing over a wall and almost dripping with large bold flowers.

I hate all things pink and normally ban pink flowers from anywhere around the house [the hillside is a semi-wild place, I would not dare call it a garden] but I make an exception for higo as it is such an effective plant.

5 to remember
el ciruelo – plum tree
la ciruela – plum
el capullo – flower bud
nudoso/a – knobbly
plantar – to plant [plant or trees]

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Knobbly new buds: spring arrives in the #secretvalley in #Spain via @Spanish_Valley

new leaves on tree - march

Higo del Mar [photo:]

Higo del Mar [photo:]

2 thoughts on “Knobbly new buds

  1. Ashay Mathieu (@AshayMathieu)

    This is such a beauty for picture. I write ekphrastic poetry. I was on-line looking for pictures of tree buds. This beautiful tree bud caught my attention. I am going to use it in for educational purposes. I am asking your permission first. It will be part of my final project. I will share my poetry before a life audience with pictures that relation to the subject. Here my poem is based on a story of a Holocasut survivor who was a young girl when she was in a concentration camp in Germany. She say a tree bud in a tree that gave her hope, while she was waiting to be executed by the Nazis. . .



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