Grasshoppers and Butterflies

Soaking up the sun

Soaking up the sun

It’s a beautiful clear blue morning so is an ideal opportunity to fix another roll of malla, green screening, along the wire fencing which separates our driveway from the track. By mid-morning we are glad we’re working on the shady side of the fence.

We drink our cafelitos sitting on the terrace, watching a very dozy grasshopper possibly on his first outing in the sunshine. He was certainly soaking up the heat. Do grasshoppers hibernate? Or do they die at the end of the season? It certainly seemed as if he’d over-wintered in the folds of the garden umbrella. By mid-afternoon it feels as hot as mid-summer and we see our first butterflies of the year. Yellow ones. Also the first wasp, the one with the odd dangly legs, and some dozy bees. Everything is taking the chance to soak up the sun, including us. But as usual as soon as the sun dips below the hill opposite, the temperature plummets as the light disappears.

5 to remember
la malla de ocultación – privacy screening
la alambrada – wire fence
el camino – track
el cafelito – small coffee
la mariposa – butterfly

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A very dozy grasshopper: February in #Spain via @Spanish_Valley

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